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Local and Remotely Accessible
Windows 10 Desktops for Business
(PC, Mac, Android and iOS)

  • Hardware and Software Solution
  • Share resources and files from anywhere
  • Supports local Workstations and Remote Devices
  • Wireless Laptops and Tablets
  • Remote offsite Workstations or Laptops
  • Android devices (Phones,Tablets etc.)
  • iOS devices (iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone)
PC/iOS/Android Platforms


  • High Performance
  • Reliable
  • Secure Access
  • Highly Configurable
  • Affordable
  • Premium Support

Additional Options:

  • Customized Desktops
  • 2FA (2 Factor Authentication)
  • RAID Storage

Our Offer

Remote Cube Offers

The future is remote.


What do you do when you find that your business is growing and your company’s IT needs are changing?

Perhaps your staff requires a mobile office, perhaps they need a centralized resource that increases their productivity, or perhaps they need to be able to work from home. Responding to any of these needs can be an expensive and frustrating ordeal.

Sound familiar?

Working on a tablet

Why can’t taking your IT needs to the next level be simple, cost effective and easy to do?

Remotecube can make this next step in growing your business cost effective, simple, and quick. Remotecube offers small business networking solutions that take advantage of the power of remote computing while taking care of the details for you.

We offer a variety of Remote Access solutions, including a subscription based service that allows small businesses the flexibility needed to stay competitive in this challenging environment, without that monumental undertaking of cost and setup that so often holds them back.

The future is remote.

The future is now.

Our vision is to provide clients with secure access to their computers and networked resources no matter where they are working from. We provide and support secure access to your resources using whatever is most appropriate on a case by case basis. There is no perfect solution for everyone, we will assess and advise on the different advantages and disadvantages of each solution, based on needs and available resources.

Working man

Solutions and Services

Hardware and Software solutions hosted from your own location:

  • Remotecube 5
  • Remotecube 10
  • Remotecube 25

A subscription-based service that is hosted in our Server Room located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This service may be of particular interest to businesses that have sales people on the road and/or are located in geographically different areas. We handle the management and administration of both the hardware and software on the servers and perform regular, reliable data backups, which allows a business to concentrate on their core business while enjoying the benefits of a modern computer network.

Secure Remote Access configuration to your own computers

Why Businesses With A Distributed Workforce Need A Remote Access Strategy

“Many remote employees still need to securely connect to LOB (line of business) apps such as finance, legal, healthcare, accounting systems and other content and services that are not in a public cloud. As the number of employees who work remotely from home continues to grow, the need for cost effective access from a home-based internet connection is something almost every company needs. And nothing is more frustrating to a remote employee than not being able to access data and applications that they need to get their work done, which in turn will have a significant drain on company productivity.” 

Matt Willis – Blog

Remotecube’s Business Access Cubes are an excellent solution to this problem!

A Cube that is located and connected to the Business’s local network has direct access to these critical apps and other content and services that are not in a public cloud.

Multiple remote employees can connect to the Cube concurrently and launch the LOB in a protected workspace ensuring both efficiency and privacy.

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