About Remotecube

Providing Enterprise IT capabilities on a Small Business Budget

Our focus is on helping businesses use the most modern applicable technologies for their industry. We specialize in handling the introduction of and training in computer-related technologies for administrative and frontline staff. We incorporate Cloud Technologies into business workflows and establish efficient business processes through the use of computers. At Remotecube our technical solutions are customized to each client. We take a results-based approach to all our endeavors that ensures value for our clients.

Establishing efficient business processes
through consultation and IT technology

We work with all types of network-connected devices to ensure that your business is getting the full value of all the resources that you have. These resources range from Routers, Switches and Modems through to Email and Websites. Implementing business connectivity solutions can help you maximize the technologies you have in place.

Incorporating Remote Computing Technologies
into business work-flows

What do you do when you find that your business is growing. and your company's IT needs are changing? Perhaps your staff requires a mobile office, perhaps they need a centralized resource that increases their productivity, or perhaps they need to be able to work from home. Responding to any of these needs can be an expensive and frustrating ordeal.
Sound familiar?

Live Interactive Video Surveillance
with Al Technologies

Do you have problems with Apartment, Condominium or Construction Site security? If you are looking for a security solution that is highly effective and yet economical our sophisticated highly integrated solutions may be the answer. Database Facial Recognition Panels, Active Deterrent Cameras are coupled with detailed online reporting supported by well-trained surveillance staff that cares.




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