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Networks are important, they are the infrastructure backbone of your data and communications. We maintain the software, applications and hardware necessary to keep all these working together well. We create and maintain data networks including Routers, Switches, Modems etc.

Costs and Budgets are always an important part of implementing an efficient and resilient business. Our working knowledge of the major Internet and Data suppliers in Edmonton enables us to critically review costs related to existing IT and communication contracts.

Not only do we maintain IT infrastructures, we look for the most cost effective ways of tuning existing technologies and the possibility of introducing new more efficient (lower cost) technologies. We have researched and invested heavily in the current affordable cloud technologies and can recommend many ways that a business can take advantage of these new ways of communicating and handling data.

For small businesses, implementing and maintaining a flexible and powerful communications and data network can be difficult with limited resources. The scope, complexity and cost of a modern corporate network can often be beyond many smaller businesses. We specialize in making good choices for all types of businesses and we treat each business as unique and requiring its own particular attentions.

With the myriad of new technologies, devices and social media interactions it can be a little bewildering to navigate to good choices, we can help with that.

No matter how good a new technology is if the staff required to use it are not comfortable with the operation of it and/or don’t see the benefits then the introduction will be difficult if not impossible. Adoption and buy-in by staff is essential and we will train on any newly introduced technology or software.

Business owners who have worked hard to establish their business and have either come to the point where their presence is not a daily requirement or other commitments keep them from maintaining a constant presence at the business, the option of Remote Computing is a necessity. Remotecube can implement secure technologies which will enable you to operate effectively from remote locations. We can also implement remote office installations that eliminate the need for the expensive traditional brick and mortar office, allowing a small team to work out of a home.

If you are interested in finding out how modern business connectivity solutions can help you, or are looking to maximize the technologies you have in place Call or email us.

Remotecube Solution For Small Teams

The Remotecube Solution will support remote computer access for up to 7 members of a close working team

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Website And Social Media Technologies

Websites and social media technologies are very much essential for any successful business

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Video Surveillance Solutions

We offer economical high resolution video surveillance systems to the small business and commercial sector.

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